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Everyday Riffs, Rants, complaints along with the many gratifications of life. So, tune in and tune out the B.S. and let us handle the rest. E.P.R will satisfy all your listening needs.  

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we will wait  until one of our outstanding listeners makes the world a better place by leaving a testimonial for very appreciative and humble show. we thank you all in advance  xoxoxo (hope that's enough butter for your bread) 

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The deal is E.P.R always does it best to provide quality listening and the listeners enjoy the show that's the deal.  

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E.P.R is up and running!!! say what!! that's right run tell,text,email,snap,call and even hand write if they still make pencils everybody must know and must know now!!! 


How did you get so dam cool ?  Why do i love this show so much? why can't i stop talking about this show with all my friends and family ?